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Your tax deductible donation will help us continue to bring professional quality theater to Forsyth County allowing students and community members to work along side professionals. Bringing the Fine Arts to our community and giving people in the community the chance to experience theater right in their own backyard.

Arts organizations would not be able to exist without the support they receive from their community. For nonprofit organizations, local support is the most important.

Why is it important to support the arts in your community? Looking at the big picture, does it make any difference if you attend a community theatre production? The answer is yes. Whether it is semi-professional or wholly amateur, Community theatre contributes, not only to the arts but, to your community as a whole.  When you support your local art centers, museums, galleries and the like, here’s what you are doing for your community:

Creating Culture-
When you think of some of the most culturally diverse and renowned cities on Earth, they all have at least one thing in common, a strong presence of the arts.

Stimulating Business-
Fine arts organizations stimulate business and economic growth in a community. These businesses and the creative people they employ, empower and support encourage innovation while playing a vital part in building and sustaining a local economy. Each year, non-profit arts and culture organizations alone pump an estimated $60 billion into the national economy. One of the most extraordinary things about art is its capability of turning any region into a choice tourism destination. Part of this ability comes from art’s wide appeal. From seniors to children, the love of theatre will bring people to the area before or after the show to visit local shops and eat at local restaurants.

Inspiring Minds Young and Old Alike-
Theatre is a place of new discoveries and life-long learning. It can open your eyes to a new hobby, a new relationship or a new path in life. It contributes to the arts in a community, as well as teaching many important skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and confidence in public speaking. It strengthens a community’s cultural environment, provides catharsis to its participants and viewers and is a safe place for people of all ages, cultures and experiences to come together and work towards a common goal and let the audience experience the magic of live theatre.

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